[Freeswitch-users] Hangup Cause using ignore_early_media=false w183/SDP

Gonzalo Gasca Meza gascagonzalo at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 03:15:47 MSD 2016

Hi Forum,

I'm launching calls using ESL originate command. Example:


I disabled ignore_early_media from true to false.

What is happening is that when I receive a 183 w/SDP and call is NOT
ANSWERED I used to get NO_ANSWER as reason code, now I get NORMAL_CLEARING
even though call was never connected. My feeling is that after entering in
tone detection and bridge the call is just following rules and end up in
hangup rule which by default should send this reason. handle_calls

   - Dialplan: sofia/external/+XXXXXXXXXX Action answer()
   - Dialplan: sofia/external/+XXXXXXXXXX Action log(INFO handle_calls
   application match)
   - Dialplan: sofia/external/+XXXXXXXXXX Action set(fax_verbose=true)
   - Dialplan: sofia/external/+XXXXXXXXXX Action
   - Dialplan: sofia/external/+XXXXXXXXXX Action
   spandsp_start_fax_detect(transfer 'fax' 10 ced)
   - Dialplan: sofia/external/+XXXXXXXXXX Action
   - Dialplan: sofia/external/+XXXXXXXXXX Action
   - Dialplan: sofia/external/+XXXXXXXXXX Action spandsp_stop_tone_detect()
   - Dialplan: sofia/external/+XXXXXXXXXX Action hangup()

I know that during 183 w/SDP many things could happen (BUSY, REORDER,
Announcement, RING BACK, etc). What is the recommended way to handle those

For now Im using the following conditions to rewrite the reason code in my

   - call_progress_183sdp + ring_tone + no_200OK = NO_ANSWER
   - call_progress_183sdp + busy|reorder|sit tone + no_200OK =
   - call_progress_183sdp + no_tone + no_200OK = INVALID_NUMBER (Probably
   an announcement)

Any pointers in how to make Freeswitch handle the above conditions

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