[Freeswitch-users] Distributed Backend for Voicemail

Ken Rice krice at freeswitch.org
Thu Aug 18 07:33:33 MSD 2016

All you need is a distributed filesystem just for the recordings… any distributed file system will do.. all metadata with mod voicemail is stored in a SQL DB…. Such as postgresql… 


no you can’t use nosql with it at this time.


Using postgresql + shared storage actually scales quite large provided you set up the shared storage and pgsql for the environment.








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Probably this, but I didn't look in details: 


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Hi list


I am planning to install FreeSwitch with the highest scalability possible and would like to have a BackEnd that support that. This is going to be for Vociemail and the message deposit.

This means I could install something like haproxy --> FreeSwitch --> (Maybe MongoDB as BE).


In case I need more capacity I could install one more FreeSwitch to handle the calls, so will have 2 FS pointing to the NoSQL DB.


I was wondering what BackEnd would you recommended ... The only thing I can see is mongo DB ... any others?





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