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Luiz Fernando Softov fernando at softov.com.br
Wed Aug 10 23:08:28 MSD 2016


I know you guys don't have time, like me too, because the current job,
projects, etc.

There is a sample to make a APP to Android and IOS?

I made a APP, running in browser (chrome), this works fine.

But, I wan't the APP to work as a cordova APP for android (.apk), without
client need chrome to run it.

When I made a cordova app, and inspect android device i get this

#<navigator> has no method 'getUserMedia'.

In a simple app with just console.log(!!navigator.getUserMedia); this
return false;
Already tried moz*, webkit*, ms*, and only getUserMedia (no navigator), and
this always return false.
So i set all permissions, and this continue to return false;

I also create a APP using https://github.com/cesterlizi/vertortc
* I need to do some changes to work, but I don't make notes, i will make a
diff if this works well.
But, with cesterlizi git, I only able to make calls, since I don't know how
to do answer and the other things using this plugin.
Since this is another approach, and use Java to make the job.

Then I found https://github.com/remotium/cordova-plugin-webrtc, a plugin to
make a support to getUserMedia function and other functionalities.
Then after 3 days, I'm new with cordova and this new features (I'm a C
Programmer and js developer), i figure out I need the
libjingle_connection.jar and others changes to work.
So, I build a android project, and no problem in getUserMedia.
Now i'm getting that #<Blob> has no method 'getTracks'.

### Current Limitations
- Canvas operations not supported over the WebRTC video elements.
- getUserMedia only returns front camera.
- getUserMedia overrides native implementation (if it exists). Do not use
it for anything else.
- Audio tracks will be enabled even if the video tag is not in the DOM.
- No MediaStream callbacks
- Cannot detect javascript object garbage collection, thus everything has
to be disposed manually (use obj.dispose() for that).

I only need to Know, if someone here can explain to me some things, or have
the source of a sample cordova APP, using latest verto.js.
And, of course, I need to know if verto.js really works in cordova app for
android, without changes.
If not work, I will continue to try this cordova-plugin-webrtc, and maybe i
will need some guidance in the source, since I am new in this area.

2016-08-10 0:28 GMT-04:00 Michael Jerris <mike at jerris.com>:

> we just demoed verto working on a number of platforms (basically
> everything but iOS) this week at cluecon.  This requires some changes to
> the js that isn't in our main tree yet.  A that being said its tested
> working on android in the past, so that not working surprises me
> On Tuesday, August 9, 2016, Luiz Fernando Softov <fernando at softov.com.br>
> wrote:
>> Hi, I'm trying to create a Cordova APP using verto.min.js.
>> I just make a register and a call, tried in browser (Chrome) and this
>> work fine.
>> But, when I make a android app, this wont work, since function
>> navigator.getUserMedia(...) isn't native in Android.
>> There is another native function to do the same thing?
>> Has someone here already done this?
>> If yes, what i need?
>> I already googled it, without success yet.
>> ps, I will make a IOS and WP too, if this work.
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