[Freeswitch-users] EXECUTE_ON_ANSWER with Bridge

Don Hawkins hawkins at hawkinsegroup.com
Fri Aug 5 07:27:48 MSD 2016

Simple yet complicated issue I've been working on for about 48 hours. I
could really use some assistance....

1. I'm bridging calls via httapi and that is working fine.

<execute action="$action" application="bridge"

2. I want to be notified at my URL via CURL when, A: The call starts
ringing and B: The call is answered. I'm using this code for that:

<!-- Get a CURL post once call starts ringing (media begins) -->
<!-- <execute application=\"export\" data=\"nolocal:execute_on_media=curl
http://myurl.com/test3.php post

<!-- Get a CURL post once leg B answers -->
<execute application=\"export\" data=\"nolocal:execute_on_answer=curl
http://myurl.com/test3.php post

The problem comes because it's a bridge, as far as FreeSWITCH is concerned
once it's connected to the gateway and the gateway answers, the
"execute_on_answer" should be triggered, but i need it to execute when the
party actually answers the phone, not when the gateway "answers".

There must be a simple way around this, open to suggestions, thanks!
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