[Freeswitch-users] Jitsi + Freeswitch (and general questions about SFU)

Colin Morelli colin.morelli at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 22:04:48 MSD 2016

For what it's worth I also understand FS would need to be able to push
multiple video streams to each connected client, but given that FS can
already handle audio + video streams, I assumed multi stream handling
exists (though it may be limited to just 1 audio + 1 video - I haven't dug
into this at all).

On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 1:52 PM Colin Morelli <colin.morelli at gmail.com>

> Hey there,
> Has anyone had success pairing up Freeswitch + Jitsi? Specifically I'm
> interested in the SFU capabilities of Jitsi to replace just the video
> conferencing portions of Freeswitch. I'm doing a lot of other things in FS
> that will continue to be important on their own (DTMF, voicemail, SIP +
> PSTN integration, etc), but the SFU support would be an awesome addition. I
> saw that there's a SIP <-> Jitsi bridge which looks like it might be
> promising - but I feel like the complexity would fairly quickly become
> overwhelming.
> Alternatively, I wonder how much work it would be to add video-mode="sfu"
> to mod_conference in FS. It's something that (in the future, not quite
> yet), I might be interested in taking a stab at. Has anyone come up with a
> list of things that would need to happen for SFU support? I might be a bit
> naive here, but it seems FS has most of the building blocks in place
> already, and mostly it would come down a) having a video stream selection
> process, and b) generating appropriate SDPs when participants are
> added/removed. I'm sure I must be missing something, though.
> Thoughts?
> Best,
> Colin
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