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Mon Apr 25 18:24:36 MSD 2016

Sounds like you just aren’t giving the box enough CPU… FreeSWITCH with Video Conferencing requires a fair bit of CPU. Consider that you are decoding a video stream for each participant to raw video, then potentially scaling and compositing those videos together into 1 video, from there you then have to re-encode the video into the appropriate video codec for the participants and stream it out to them.


Doing Audio only conferencing (even with G729 which still requires a transcode for raw slin audio for mixing) is much less CPU intensive. 


We routinely do 30 to 50 people video conferences with FreeSWITCH. To accomplish this, we use a 24 thread (dual hexacore Xeon with Hyperthreading enabled) with 48G of Ram. (no we don’t need that much ram it’s just what the box came with and has come in handy during testing)


That being said, your individual mileage will vary. The biggest mistake I’ve seen people make is grossly underestimate the CPU resources required to handle the video in real time. (consider how much time it takes even on something as powerful as a i7-4770K when re-encoding your own videos using something like Premiere or other video editing software)



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-- I am currently working on video conference module in freeswitch-1.6.5


-- I am using verto client for confernece (i configured just 3 verto users in different hosts) and when i dial 3500 extension from the verto user, the conference is starting but the main problem is 


if 3 users connected with the 3500 conference, the audio is gone(too much noice, no audio clearence) and CPU usage is reached to 150%+

and i follow below configuration also

ulimit -c unlimited # The maximum size of core files created.
ulimit -d unlimited # The maximum size of a process's data segment.
ulimit -f unlimited # The maximum size of files created by the shell (default option)
ulimit -i unlimited # The maximum number of pending signals
ulimit -n 999999    # The maximum number of open file descriptors.
ulimit -q unlimited # The maximum POSIX message queue size
ulimit -u unlimited # The maximum number of processes available to a single user.
ulimit -v unlimited # The maximum amount of virtual memory available to the process.
ulimit -x unlimited # ???
ulimit -s 240         # The maximum stack size
ulimit -l unlimited # The maximum size that may be locked into memory.
ulimit -a           # All current limits are reported.

i am using using  Centos 6.5 with 4GB Ram. Could you any one help me to resolve this problem,


i want to know following thigs


--> Video confernece configuration 

--> Required system configuration

--> and also i would like to know how many possible video conferences can be handle by freeswitch-1.6.5



Please help me.



Thanks & Regards
Veerabhadrarao Kankatala


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