[Freeswitch-users] mod_python ESL

Deepika Yadav deepikay at iiitd.ac.in
Wed Apr 20 12:20:27 MSD 2016


I want to change the speaking status of a conference member through a
python script as:

import ESL
freeswitchcon =  ESL.ESLconnection(freeswitch_ip, freeswitch_port,
cmd = conferencename + member_id
freeswitchcon.api("conference", str(cmd))

This api doesn't doesn't fired though "originate" command works

Another option :

import freeswitch

new_api_obj = API()
new_api_obj.executeString("conference "+conferencename+" "+member_id)

but this can't be called, due to module "_freeswitch" import error, instead
need to called via the dialplan that calls the handler, doesn't looks a
good way to do it

I am able to achieve this functionality in mod_java ESL simply using ;

org.freeswitch.swig.API a = new API(new JavaSession());
String rt = a.executeString("conference "+conferencename+" mute

How can I achieve this in python?

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