[Freeswitch-users] PG CDR database setup

jungle Boogie jungleboogie0 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 12:50:01 MSD 2016

Hi All,

So last week I was able to get freeswitch working with postgres!
thanks all that responded in this thread:

Now I'd like to have CDR records recorded to a postgres database table as per:

<param name="db-info" value="host=localhost dbname=freeswitchcdr
user=DBuser password=xxx connect_timeout=10" />

In that same file, I have ab legs and all of the schema enabled.

I created my table with this sample:

I've made a few calls and yet, the database is empty:
select * from cdr;
 id | local_ip_v4 | caller_id_name | caller_id_number |
destination_number | context | start_stamp | answer_stamp | end_stamp
| duration | billsec | hangup_cause | uuid | bleg_uuid | accountcode |
read_codec | write_codec | sip_hangup_disp
osition | ani
(0 rows)

I see this in the FS logs:
2016-04-17 08:44:13.904128 [CRIT] mod_cdr_pg_csv.c:274 INSERT command
failed: ERROR:  permission denied for relation cdr

My username and password above are exactly the same on the database
I modified pg_hba.conf to have trust and md5. Should it only be one or
the other?


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