[Freeswitch-users] Are there any known memory leaks with reloadxml and large XML configs?

Nathan Neulinger nneul at mst.edu
Thu Apr 14 20:49:15 MSD 2016

I've got a persistent issue with a slow (sometimes not that slow) memory leak in FS. Our environment does frequent 
reconfigs built around reloadxml and when the leak gets bad enough, I start getting random reports of slipping audio 
sync. I've put in weekly forced failovers, but if we have a week with more changes than typical (we're still in middle 
of mass migration off of CCM) - the leak growth can be too fast:

freeswi+ 17977 12.1 27.2 15247652 2213648 ?    S<l  Apr02 2155:56 /local/freeswitch/server/bin/freeswitch -u freeswitch 
-core -cfgname freeswitch-prod.xml -base /local/freeswitch/server -conf /local/freeswitch/server/conf -db 
/local/freeswitch/server/db -run /local/freeswitch/data -log /local/freeswitch/data -rp -nf -nc -nonat -nonatmap

The reason I ask if the leak is related to reloadxml - when doing some analysis on the resulting core dump on the (no 
longer active) server, I'm finding examples like this when doing a 'strings corefile | sort | uniq -c | sort -n':

   74642 !-- type(skinny) --
   76811 /buttons
   76811 "InvalidHash
   76812 "a1-hash
   76836 /skinny
   76853 buttons
  105277 !-- password won't be used by cisco devices --
  105277 "vm-mailfrom
  105277 "vm-password

[root at freesw-p1 data]# grep -c InvalidHash freeswitch-prod.xml.fsxml

[root at freesw-p1 data]# ls -al *.fsxml
-rw------- 1 freeswitch freeswitch 4985669 Apr 14 08:28 freeswitch-prod.xml.fsxml
[root at freesw-p1 data]# wc -l *.fsxml
105025 freeswitch-prod.xml.fsxml

It's like it's leaking large numbers of complete copies of the XML. When I look directly at the core dump, it looks to 
me like the strings are in the parsed state of the XML. (Below slightly masked copy and paste from viewing dump with less.)

^@!-- xxx-xxx-xxxx --^@
         ^@!-- password won't be used by cisco devices --^@
         ^@param^@name^@"password^@ value^@"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX^@^@^@
         ^@param^@name^@"vm-mailfrom^@ value^@"voicemail at mst.edu^@^@^@

Would really appreciate any ideas on how I might mitigate this leaking or if there is anything that could be done to 
help diagnose it further to help address the underlying issue.

I'm happy to open a JIRA on this, but will NOT be able to test this with latest master as I can't just experiment with 
the live production environment.

-- Nathan

Nathan Neulinger                       nneul at mst.edu
Missouri S&T Information Technology    (573) 612-1412
System Administrator - Architect

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