[Freeswitch-users] Voicemail message File Retrieval on Remote Server

Jonathan Hunter hunterj91 at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 14 13:10:35 MSD 2016

Hi Guys,
Quick question, I am centralising Voicemail storage as I am using multiple FreeSWITCH servers, and I have this working for recorded Voicemail greetings.
I am now doing this for stored voicemail messages.
So in voicemail.conf I am changing the storage-dir to the IP of my web server;

<param name="storage-dir" value=""/>
Now this pushes the recorded wav file to the server using Put and works well, I just have 2 questions.
Locally I see FreeSWITCH creates the domain and extension folders in the original storage directory, can it be configured to build them on remove servers or should this be done manually? (which isnt a problem).
And the main question, in terms of when retrieving the voicemail, how is this achieved, as currently I use;
<action application="voicemail" data="check default ]]..call_context..[[ ]]..sip_from_user..[["/>
In my Lua scripts, which still checks locally, where do I let the voicemail module know about retrieving, and will it just perform a GET ?
Many thanks
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