[Freeswitch-users] Cannot get automatic call recording working.

Piotr Starzyk pstarzyk at general-devices.com
Mon Apr 11 23:54:26 MSD 2016

I’m running FreeSWITCH in console mode on a Windows 7 machine, using
unmodified demo setup.  I’m having a hard time getting automatic call
recording to work.  I’m using the following instructions to record a call
(by modifying  Local_Extension dialplan):


*Record Calls To Extensions*

To record all phone calls between extensions do the following. Make a
directory under freeswitch/recordings/archive/. Then edit Local_Extension
in dialplan in conf/dialplan/default.xml

<extension name="Local_Extension">

    <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(10[01][0-8])$">

Then add the following actions.

<action application="set" data="RECORD_TITLE=Recording
${destination_number} ${caller_id_number} ${strftime(%Y-%m-%d %H:%M)}"/>

<action application="set" data="RECORD_COPYRIGHT=(c) 2011"/>

<action application="set" data="RECORD_SOFTWARE=FreeSWITCH"/>

<action application="set" data="RECORD_ARTIST=FreeSWITCH"/>

<action application="set" data="RECORD_COMMENT=FreeSWITCH"/>

<action application="set" data="RECORD_DATE=${strftime(%Y-%m-%d %H:%M)}"/>

<action application="set" data="RECORD_STEREO=true"/>

<action application="record_session"

But when I place a call, no files are getting created in the recordings or
archive folder.  I tried calling both ways, still nothing.  I am running in
admin mode, and have firewalls disabled.

When looking through the logs, the only two lines relevant to the recording
are the following:

892ef279-18c7-4d8d-8795-fa1c366b68c7 EXECUTE sofia/internal/1000 at
 bind_meta_app(2 b s record_session::C:/Program

892ef279-18c7-4d8d-8795-fa1c366b68c7 2016-04-11 15:16:58.521344 [INFO]
switch_ivr_async.c:4152 Bound B-Leg: *2 record_session::C:/Program

>From FreeSWITCH cookbook, I found out they allow manual recording by
pressing *2 on receiving end.  When I tested that, it did work, and the wav
file was created in the recordings directory, so the recording module seems
to be working.  But for some reason, I still can’t get the automatic
session recording to work.  What am I doing wrong?

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