[Freeswitch-users] Best way to record each leg of a call separately?

Piotr Starzyk pstarzyk at general-devices.com
Mon Apr 11 19:19:39 MSD 2016

I’m trying to record phone calls, and phone conferences, so that later on
their audio can be reviewed.  The requirement is for each leg of the call
to be recorded separately.  After doing some googling, one way of doing it,
is by using record_session and setting RECORD_STEREO to true.  That will
result in caller and receiver audio streams being placed in separate
channels.  At that point you could split the channels to get the individual

Is that the recommended approach, or is there a better way (or module) to
record legs separately?

Also, am I correct assuming the recording is done on FreeSWITCH server?
Does that mean that each SIP client will need to send two audio streams out
(one to the other client and one to freeswitch for recording?).

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