[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH in cluster

Dmitry Mordovin d.mordovin at dwide.com
Sun Apr 10 11:51:28 MSD 2016


I want configure two FreeSWITCH servers as cluster.

As I understand, I need:
  - Configure one core DB (PostgreSQL) for each FreeSWITCH instances.
  - Add two A records in DNS to resolve domain name and load balancing.

*Scheme, 2 FS servers and one DB.*

FS-1 server
        Core-DB server
FS-2 server

*Add two A records in DNS*

mydomain.com.  43200 IN A
mydomain.com.  43200 IN A

I expect, FreeSWITCH instances will mirror each other in this configuration.

So, if Bob register on server, and Alice register on, they can call each other like local users.
Also, in this case, SIP messages from Bob during the call session will 
sending to any of nodes, depend on DNS resolve.

Am I right?
Is this correct way to build cluster?

Please direct me in right way.

BR, Dmitry
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