[Freeswitch-users] Record and live stream WAV to HTTP server

Vincent Gire vincent.gire at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 20:13:53 MSD 2016

Hi all,

Thank you to all contributing to FreeSWITCH !

I'm working on a IVR project where logic is implemented on a HTTP server.
We are leaving Twilio because we now need to record and live stream the
session to the HTTP server in WAV format (chunked transfer encoding).

*mod_httapi* looks great (HT TAPI very similar to Twilio's) but it seems
that the records are first saved to disk before there are sent to the
server as chunked data.
We need the transfer to start as soon as the recording starts.

*mod_shout* does start the request almost as the records starts but it does
not support WAV file and shout:// is not exactly a HTTP request (SOURCE
method instead of PUT).

Is there a way to use these modules to achieve our goal ?

If not, we are willing to author a specific module or rather contribute to
the existing ones.

We've identified two approaches:

   1. From *mod_httapi* Modify mod_httapi to directly stream the record
   instead of completely saving it to disk before the HTTP chunked transfer
   This seems the most logical but with more than 3000 lines, mod_httapi
   does not seem to be the easiest module to build upon for newcomers!

   2. From *mod_shout*
      1. Modify libshoot to replace the custom SOURCE method with standard
      HTTP PUT method
      2. Modify mod_shout to support wav files
      3. Implement our IVR in script (javascript/lua)

What do you think ?

Thank you for your help.

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