[Freeswitch-users] T38->g711 gateway issues with latest master and v1.6

dave.may at tresta.com dave.may at tresta.com
Sat Apr 2 00:42:56 MSD 2016

Is anybody else having trouble with T38 -> g711 gateway with either v1.6 or latest master?  Initially I thought my problems might have been limited to calls bridging to mod_freetdm (i.e. T38 in -> PRI out), but today I was able to reproduce the problem using SIP only.

I entered a Jira on the issue yesterday, but was hoping that more eyeballs on the problem might reveal something.


Not sure if everyone can read Jira tickets, so here's the gist of what I can see happening:

- FS1 txfax to FS2
- FS2 sets the following parameters, then bridges call to FS3
** fax_enable_t38_request=true
** execute_on_answer=t38_gateway self
- FS3 answers, then calls rxfax
- bidirectional g711 between FS1/FS2 and FS2/FS3
- FS1 sends T38 reinvite to FS2
- FS2 responds 100 Trying
- FS2 starts sending T38 packets to FS1 (unexpected), while still sending g711 to FS3 (expected)
- 39 seconds later FS2 sends BYE to FS1, but using a new CSeq/branch not seen elsewhere in either leg (?)
- FS2 finally responds to T38 request from FS1, but with 486 Busy Here instead of 200 OK
- FS2 sends repeated BYE to FS1 (e.g. at 1,2,4 seconds)


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