[Freeswitch-users] High syscall percentage on Centos 7

Denys D dvmorte at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 11:21:12 MSK 2015

Hi! Has anybody faced with high system calls on Centos 7 while running
We have migrated from FS 1.2.23 on Centos 5.11 to FS 1.6.2 on Centos 7 and
faced with very high syscall (up to 60% CPU time) rate under moderate load
(300 CPS, 1500 simultaneous calls). We also faced the same issue on Centos
6.7 and Debian 8.2 with FS 1.6.2 on the same hardware. On Centos 5.11 with
the same load and h/w we had no more than 10% syscalls CPU time. We have
already tried nohz=off kernel option and it didn't solve the problem. What
should we change in our environment to achieve the same performance level
as it was on Centos 5.11?
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