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FreeSWITCH Week in Review (Master Branch) November 14th – November 21st
This week we had a number of features and a very important security fix listed below. It is highly recommended that you upgrade as soon as possible to avoid this vulnerability and you can find out more about the 1.6.5 release here. Join us Wednesdays at 12:00 CT for some more FreeSWITCH fun! This week we have Martin O’Shield from Windy City SDR! And head over to freeswitch.com to learn more about FreeSWITCH support.

Security issues:

A bug allowing for a remotely exploited DoS attack through custom crafted network traffic via JSON has been fixed. We classify this issue as High Severity. A patch was added by Anthony Minessale in commit 4bdca81 to resolve this issue. All versions from 1.4.4 through the previous release are vulnerable. We highly recommend updating to the current release version as soon as possible.http://ift.tt/1S9TUXf

New features that were added:

FS-8543 [mod_conference] Improve mute handling on conference and WebRTC

FS-8546 [mod_conference][mod_verto] Make original video demo backward compatible with livearray-json-status

FS-8529 [mod_conference] Added video-floor to personal canvas mode

FS-8401 [verto_communicator] Added Speaker selection in settings model and video page and fixed model to modal

FS-8545 [verto_communicator] Improve controls for screen share, fixed a read lock regression, do not allow video floor on a member with a reservation id set, and add missing code to deal with screen share part

FS-8549 [mod_http_cache] Add support for AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables in S3 profiles

FS-8547 [core] Add error log into stats to log when quality impacting events begin and end

FS-8559 [mod_shout] Add “mpga” to the list of supported extensions

Improvements in build system, cross platform support, and packaging:

FS-8333 [build][Debian] Added mod_hiredis.deb

The following bugs were squashed:

FS-8537 [mod_lua] Fixed a segfault caused by passing nil to various lua functions

FS-8527 [mod_conference] Do not send the video of last_video_floor_holder to video_floor_holder if the videos are related

FS-8542 [verto_communicator] Fixed the tooltips of video controls

FS-8053 [mod_conference][mod_sofia] Fix for WebRTC’s SDP containing a=sendonly for video, but the client still receiving the video stream

FS-8553 [config] Include verto_contact into the dial-string in the samples

FS-8556 [mod_verto] Screen shares are not recoverable so do not try

FS-8293 [mod_verto] Fixed some regressions where speed test caused excessive downlink bandwidth

The FreeSWITCH 1.4 branch had this week’s previously mentioned security fix and a bug fix back ported as well as the release of 1.4.26. And again, keep in mind that 1.4 is quickly moving toward end of life and won’t be supported any longer except for high level security issues.

FS-8537 [mod_lua] Fixed a segfault caused by passing nil to various lua functions

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