[Freeswitch-users] mod_unimrcp, failover when one mrcp server is unavailable

Raimund Sacherer raimund.sacherer at logitravel.com
Wed Nov 18 12:58:06 MSK 2015


I am currently reworking our ASR / TTS setup. We are looking at a Nuance Cluster. 

They have a "Resource Manager", which can detect the load and resources on the different ASR and TTS servicers and balance between them. But if you make the "Resource Manager" redundant, the PBX has to be able to switch over to the other "Resource Manager" in case the primary is not available anymore. 

As we use MRCPv2 and that uses SIP I thought, easy, I just use SIP SRV records for the "Resource Manager" and everything is peachy, but reading the config for MRCP it says I have to use IP's and Ports. 

Can I use instead of the IPs a FQDN which resolves SIP SRV records? 

If not, can I use something like "unimrcp:profile1|unimrcp:profile2" to failover to another server if the first does not respond? 

Thank you, 

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