[Freeswitch-users] New Low Cost, High Accuracy ASR MRCPv1 Server featured on 11/4 ClueCon Weekly Conference Call

Ray Keating rayk at pontimax.com
Fri Nov 13 01:22:53 MSK 2015


For those who might have missed the 11/4 ClueCon Weekly Conference call, a new low-cost, high accuracy Media Resource
Control Protocol, Version 1 (MRCPv1)  Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) server from Pontimax Technologies was featured.


Pontimax's  mrcpSP11-STT combines the high quality speech recognition technology of Microsoft's Speech Platform 11 with
an MRCPv1 server.  It has been tested extensively with the FreeSWITCH mod_unimrcp as well as with the uniMRCP ASR test
client and UMC/uniMRCP client ASR scenarios.  


There is a free beta version available on our website, www.pontimax.com <http://www.pontimax.com> ;  just use the
Contact form to request a 45 day beta license.   We're anticipating a "1.0" product release on 12/1 with two licensing
options:  a  three concurrent license priced at $200 and a per machine license priced at $1,000.  For the latter, the
concurrent channels are only limited by the machine resources.    Importantly, while the US English language module is
installed automatically, there more than fifty language modules freely available from Microsoft.


Please  try our implementation of the classic pizza ordering ASR demo by dialing 970-610-5010.


Questions?  - my e-mail is rayk at pontimax.com <mailto:rayk at pontimax.com> 


-Ray Keating, Pontimax Technologies


P.S.  The 11/4 FreeSWITCH ClueCon Weekly conference call is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuxgEb9FMc0



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