[Freeswitch-users] Situation with freeswitch dbh + odbc (mysql) in lua

Florent Krieg flokrrr at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 16:19:47 MSK 2015

Hello John,

If you are under heavy load, could this be a db issue? Like the db engine
taking long to return the data, hence queries are getting queued one after
the other and finally reach a few hundreds of it?
Or you are right and your Lua script sometimes doesn't release the handler
as it just shall... To check this, you could for instance log a debug
message before and after doing your db query, and check after a few minutes
if you have the equivalent of 'before' and 'after' query messages... If
more before than after, then something is happening.

You could do a 'show processlist;' on the MySQL cli too to understand what
are exactly the few hundreds of open connections.

Also, is your stored procedure complicated? I'm not DBA but if it's too
tricky, you could imagine to move the load on the Lua processing instead of
MySQL. I have the same use cases on my environment and I made sure my MySQL
queries are dumb as possible and I take the benefit of Lua to process the
data returned.

I'm just dropping some ideas that I'm thinking about now. Nothing very
precise though (sorry...).

2015-11-13 12:49 GMT+01:00 John Nash <john.nash778 at gmail.com>:

> I am calling a lua script from dialplan which does following steps ...
> 1- Gets freeswitch dbh handle (odbc mysql)
> 2- Runs a mysql stored procedure which returns balance remaining amount
> for the subscriber who made call.
> 3- Save the amount in session variable and released dbh handle
> 4- Play sound files as per output received and saved in step 3
> Now upto 200 calls and first 2-3 hours of start all work fine. I can see
> in Database that script uses 32 connections approx at a given time (I think
> connection pooling works) but suddenly connections start increasing and go
> upto 300+ and because of that database stops responding and i have to kill
> freeswitch to make production DB responsive again.
> I am not sure where and what I should check. Can someone give me pointers
> on what I can check?..Or I am doing something fundamentally wrong.
> Can there be such a case where lua scripts hang and never release
> connection?
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