[Freeswitch-users] DNS SRV for FreeSWITCH setup

Michael Nielsen mic.niel84 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 13:07:13 MSK 2015

I've tried to do this for my FreeSWITCH setup:

I've got 2 FS running on freeswitch1.my-domain.com and
freeswitch2.my-domain.com. They both use the same PostgreSQL for core - so
users can be on different servers etc.

I would like my domain sip.my-domain.com to be entry point for SIP clients.

My DNS for sip.my-domain.com has a SRV record with hostname
freeswitch1.my-domain.com and 10/50 in priority and weight and port 5061
(I'm using TLS).

For now I just have a single SRV record for testing "round robin" to one

When I try to connect a get a DNS error.

I now this isn't directly FS related, but perhaps others have experienced
same issue.

How to debug this?
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