[Freeswitch-users] sending custom verto events to client

Vik Killa vipkilla at gmail.com
Tue May 12 16:24:33 MSD 2015

We have verto setup and working.
It is great btw.
We want to be able to send custom json data back to the client (hopefully
using dialplan if possble)
I don't really know if this is even possible or if it is, where to start.
I change mod_verto to verbose debugging and I can see it sends json data
back to the verto client, but I am lost as to how to do this on my own.
Here is an example json sent from FS to verto client:

2015-05-12 05:18:04.470641 [ALERT] mod_verto.c:604 WRITE [{
        "jsonrpc":      "2.0",
        "id":   8,
        "result":       {
                "message":      "CALL CREATED",
                "callID":       "be3e35a0-ec02-5ca7-cbf8-68a8c1cd2c4c",
                "sessid":       "48a502b3-740a-5b3d-21a4-bf9244bafb90"

I see there is a "json" API command in FS console but when i try to run
something like

json {"message":"CALL

I get

request or non-existant command","response":null}

If someone know how I can accomplish this, I'd be happy to update
confluence with details.
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