[Freeswitch-users] External Softphone Best Practices

Komar, Jason jkomar at jbox.ca
Tue Jun 30 23:35:29 MSD 2015

I have set up a couple of PBXs using FreeSWITCH over the last few years. I
have learned quite a bit, but am certainly no expert.

Recently, I installed Bria on my Android cell phone and was using it to
make calls over FreeSWITCH throughout our building on our local network
wifi. I wanted to be able to make calls from offsite as well, sometimes on
wifi and sometimes over cellular data. I setup an external5090 profile as I
read on the wiki (didn't see anything in confluence yet). I was able to
register through this profile, but outgoing calls from my softphone hit the
public context and didn't go any further.

The user_context variable is set to default in my directory entry for this
user, but that didn't seem to make a difference. I tried two things that
worked, but am not sure if they open up any holes that would cause security

1.) If I set the context to default rather than public in the external5090
profile, it works, but I am unsure if this is at all secure.

2.) If I leave the context as public in the external5090 profile and
uncomment this section in the public.xml dialplan,

If you have made it this far lets challenge the caller and if they
lets try what they dialed in the default context. (commented out by default)

    <extension name="check_auth" continue="true">
      <condition field="${sip_authorized}" expression="^true$"
<anti-action application="respond" data="407"/>

    <extension name="transfer_to_default">
<action application="transfer" data="${destination_number} XML default"/>

it also works. This one seems the better option, but again, I'm not sure so
I am asking the opinion of the experts on the list.

I spent several hours searching and reading everything I could find through
Google and the mailing list archives, but came up a bit short.

Thanks in advance for your help.

jkomar at jbox.ca
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