[Freeswitch-users] fs_cli not showing debug logs to console

Dave Greeko davegreeko at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 30 00:34:46 MSD 2015

Dear All,

I'm having problem getting any output to the fs_cli console. Nothing is being displayed to the console. In addition, nothing gets written to log file.

Output from fs_cli:
freeswitch at internal> console loglevel debug
-ERR invalid log level
+OK console log level set to DEBUG

here is what I have in the parsed configuration (freeswitch.xml.fsxml)

<configuration name="console.conf" description="Console Logger">
<map name="all" value="console,debug,info,notice,warning,err,crit,alert"/>
<param name="loglevel" value="debug"/>

Both mod_console and mod_logfile are loaded:

freeswitch at internal> module_exists mod_console
freeswitch at internal> module_exists mod_logfile

freeswitch at internal> db_cache status
db="hostaddr= dbname=freeswitch user=fs password=",type="odbc"
        Type: PGSQL
        Last used: 0
        Total used: 22
        Flags: Unlocked, Detached(0)
        Creator: src/switch_console.c:255
        Last User: src/switch_console.c:255



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