[Freeswitch-users] pickup leads to showing own number as caller at pickup-actor

wiebittewas wiebittewas at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 29 22:43:59 MSD 2015

Am 29.06.2015 01:02 schrieb "wiebittewas" bzgl. "pickup leads to showing own number as caller at pickup-actor":

> trying to use pickup with following two steps:

> well technical pickup works as expected, but the phone of the actor shows itself as the caller-id...

build a workaround on my own without using pickup at all:

store the uuid of ech incoming call (before bridging):
<action application="db" data="insert/pickup/${destination_number}/${this_uuid}"/>

get the corresponding uuid:
<action application="set" inline="true" data="other_uuid=${db(select/pickup/${blf_target})}"/>

get the others channel state (should be RINGING for standard-pickup):
<action application="set" inline="true" data="pickup_state=${eval(uuid:${other_uuid} \${Channel-Call-State})}"/>

get the other caller_id:
<action application="set" inline="true" data="other_id=${eval(uuid:${other_uuid} \${variable_effective_caller_id_number})}"/>

to put the data into system:
(the variable initial_callee_id_number is the first of four variables used to build the Remote-Party-ID/P-Asserted-Identity-Header in generate_pai_str())
<action application="eval" data="${uuid_setvar ${other_uuid} initial_callee_id_number ${this_id}}"/>
<action application="eval" data="${uuid_setvar ${this_uuid} initial_callee_id_number ${other_id}}"/>

bridge the two channels:
<action application="eval" data="${uuid_answer ${this_uuid}}"/>
<action application="eval" data="${uuid_answer ${other_uuid}}"/>
<action application="eval" data="${uuid_bridge ${this_uuid} ${other_uuid}}"/>

nevertheless I would prefer to have easier possibilities to force certain values of Headers in freeswitch.



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