[Freeswitch-users] Blocking commands from mod_v8

Martyn Davies martyn at magiccow.co.uk
Mon Jun 22 17:25:35 MSD 2015

I'm running an application in javascript in mod_v8, but in a couple of
cases I need to call external commands.  Sometimes these block and never
return, so I can see another freeswitch instance in the ps listing, and if
I kill with -12, my javascript app will continue from where it got stuck.
I've tried using 'system' and 'apiExecute' (in turn calling 'system'), and
experience blocks with both.

One example of a blocking command was 'soxi', but as a test I called to an
executable that simply prints "0" and then exits.  This also gets blocked.

Freeswitch version is 1.4.12, and I'm running on Ubuntu 12.04. In my test
environment this is running on a virtual machine, but I've also experienced
the blocking problem on hardware with the same configuration.

I would appreciate any tips you could give me.

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