[Freeswitch-users] mod_xml_radius - add new parameter to the handler

Густаво Силва gfs at etherway.ru
Thu Jun 18 10:25:48 MSD 2015

How can I add a new parameter to the accounting log in the 
xml_radius.conf file?

I am trying to add the Freeswitch-Hangupcause to the accounting log but 
I am get rc_handler failure.

dict attr 'Freeswitch-Hangupcause' value '13' type '1'
  [ERR] mod_xml_radius.c:393 mod_xml_radius: dict vend name 'Freeswitch' 
vendorpec '27880'
  [ERR] mod_xml_radius.c:555 mod_xml_radius: failed to add option with 
value '0' to handle
  [ERR] mod_xml_radius.c:1015 Failed to add params to rc_handle

I have set up the parameter to hangupcause like this:

<param vendor="Freeswitch" name="Freeswitch-Hangupcause" 
variable="var_hangup_cause" format="%s"/>

What is the right way to set it?

Am I doing something wrong?

ps: I have add the freeswitch dictionary.


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