[Freeswitch-users] Hold - Play - Get DTMF

Luiz Fernando Softov fernando at softov.com.br
Mon Jun 15 09:17:27 MSD 2015


I'm using event socket to control the flow of a call, and i have this

1. A call to B.

2. After some time speaking, B press [*].

3. System play a music to B channel

4. B press some keys [1234#]

5. System "transfer the call" or do something according with
the pressed keys in step 4.

So, this is working,
but in step 2, i want to put leg A in "waiting mode", because when lag B
say something, or press others keys, i can hear in leg A

I try to put leg A in hold or park (with and without lock), but when i make
this, i don't get any DTMF events of leg B.

Is there any command to put leg A in "waiting mode"?

It's like

2.1 System put leg A in "wait"
2.2 Leg B press [*]
2.3 System remote leg A from waiting

Luiz Fernando Softov
fernando at softov.com.br
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