[Freeswitch-users] mod_conference, endconf, execute_on_answer

René Weiss rw at panorgan.ch
Thu Jun 11 14:55:02 MSD 2015


I have setup an outbound conference which ends automaticly if the
initiator leaves thanks to the "endconf" flag.

Now I got an new requirement:

The called participants shold not automaticly join the conference,
but instead the system should first play an audio file like "this is a 
conference call, press 9 to enter", and only after pressing "9" they 
should be added to the conference.

I solved this (mostly) with "execute_on_answer" and a lua script:

     digits = session:playAndGetDigits(1, 1, 3, 3000, "#", "audio.wav", 
"", "[9]")
until digits == "9"

The only problem is now that when the initiator hangs up while this 
script is running the call/conference doesn't end.

In my tests the call continued like nothing happend, and after pressing 
"9" the participant was still redirect to the conference where he was 
now the only member.

Any ideas how to solve this?


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