[Freeswitch-users] ZRTP Not working on Master

Victor Medina victor.medina at cibersys.com
Wed Jun 10 16:41:51 MSD 2015

Hi guys!

First of all good morning!

OK. I rebuild Master today. Debian 8. x64. As per instructions on
Also on the same machine I build v1.4.

Im testing with: Win8, Win7, 32bits and 64bits. Zoiper 3.6 lite and biz,
Zoiper 3.7 lite and biz. Zoiper 3.8RC1 biz. Zoiper 3.8lite. Wireshark on
all machines. All internal testing. No nat, direct netwoking, near mint
default config.

While testing v1.4 I can fully establish a ZRTP session.
Master (FreeSWITCH Version 1.7.0+git~20150609T205846Z~2e47abc9e6~64bit (git
2e47abc 2015-06-09 20:58:46Z 64bit)) seems to be happily ignoring ZRTP
Hello packages from Zoiper.

Also... (and remember this is almost MINT/PLAIN default config)  v1.4 seems
to work MUCH faster in processing and  establishing calls.

Fill a jira?


Víctor E. Medina M.
Platform Architect / Chief Infrastructure
+58424 291 4561
BB #79A8AFA2
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