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Matt Broad matt at inveroak.com
Tue Jun 9 11:45:16 MSD 2015


I have a sangoma A102 card and have configured it using the Freetdm 
example (https://freeswitch.org/confluence/display/FREESWITCH/FreeTDM).

I can make calls out using both spans, but I have a couple of questions:

in the below CLI command, what does the "a" refer to?
"originate freetdm/1/a/0123412345 &conference(123)"

secondly, I will be using both ports to make outbound calls only and I 
am trying to add both spans to a group so that I can send calls out over 
the next available line.  I have the following as my freetdm.conf

*[span wanpipe wp1]
trunk_type => e1
b-channel => 1:1-15
b-channel => 1:17-31
d-channel => 1:16

[span wanpipe wp2]
trunk_type => e1
b-channel => 2:1-15
b-channel => 2:17-31
d-channel => 2:16
When I try to make a call out using "originate freetdm/PSTN/a/0123412345 
&conference(123)" I get the error "*[ERR] mod_freetdm.c:1390 Missing 
ftdm span or group: PSTN*"

Any ideas why this would be?  Do I need to declare the group elsewhere?  
I have tried configuring the card using "wancfg_fs" and doing it 
manually but both result in the error
(though wancfg_fs requires the group to contain a number)

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