[Freeswitch-users] Advanced channel mix

Dmitry Mordovin dm at dwide.com
Sat Jun 6 02:41:46 MSD 2015


Need advanced "channel bridge/mix" solution.

  - user 1000 called to 1005 and talks
  - user 1005 hold 1000 and make second call to 1007

At this point we have three users and two active calls (sessions)
  first call: users 1000 (a leg) and 1005 (b leg)
  second call: user 1005 (a leg) and 1007 (b leg)

  - mix users. user 1000 (first call, a leg) connect to user 1007 
(second call, b leg)
  - send BUY to user 1005 for two calls
  - user 1000 and 1007 continue talks

I thing this "mix" command may be like "eavesdrop" but with two uuids of 
channels or else

Anybody try to implement same scenario?

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