[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH Week in Review (Master Branch) May 23rd-May 30th

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FreeSWITCH Week in Review (Master Branch) May 23rd-May 30th
Hello, again. This passed week in the FreeSWITCH master branch we had 648 commits! Most of those commits came from the merged 1.6 video branch and bring in a lot of new features. First and foremost, check out the new video functionality! The merge of 1.6 video branch means FreeSWITCH master now has the ability to transcode video and this means two different devices using different video codecs can use FreeSWITCH to translate between them. Some of the many other new features are the ability to live stream, record calls to a video file, and playback videos into a call with mod_av, overlaying logos or images with mod_cv, desktop sharing through mod_verto, and PDF and GIF rendered as video with mod_imagick. FreeSWITCH master also has MCU support for mod_conference!

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New features that were added:

FS-7499 core RTCP improvements

FS-7585 added video support to mod_rtmp

FS-7500 core video transcoding support

FS-7501 core video jitterbuffer

FS-7502 core video media bugs

FS-7503 core file interface video support

FS-7504 codecs let you choose which codec module to use

FS-7505 file interface to let you specify which format module to use when multiple types are supported

FS-7506 core text rendering

FS-7507 added new global directory variables and configure directory behavior changes

FS-7508 mod_vpx transcoding vp8/vp9 and replace mod_v8

FS-7509 mod_verto improvements allow for desktop share with the installation of this chrome extension http://ift.tt/1kQP2pS and improved bandwith and resolution handling.

FS-7512 mod_png allows for image overlays for video mute

FS-7513 mod_conference MCU feature and avatar support

FS-7514 mod_vlc video support

FS-7515 mod_cv is a video media bug module that uses video recognition and facial recognition technology to allow you to modify a video stream by adding overlapping images and text or to silently detect and fire events

FS-7516 mod_imagick allows for PDF and GIF rendered as video

FS-7517 mod_openh264 h264 codec module

FS-7519 mod_av a file format and codec module that uses libav or ffmpeg and allows you to live stream, record calls to a video file, and playback videos into a call.

FS-7494 default avatar and mute images for video MCU

FS-7471 improved configs for video

FS-7338 removed external library dependencies

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