[Freeswitch-users] Call intercept problem

Tim Bock jtbock at synacktics.com
Sat Jan 31 08:07:37 MSK 2015

Hello list,

Running freeswitch 1.4.6, though have also seen this issue with older 

After the initial freeswitch install, I tested the call intercept 
function, and it worked fine. Fast forward several months ahead, and now 
call intercept doesn't work.  Looking at the logs, the message is that 
the channel is no longer available.  Indeed, when I examine the uuid the 
call intercept function is trying to connect, the uuid is for the call 
immediately preceding the current call, sort of like an "off by one" 
indexing error. This is reliably repeatable.

Any thoughts on why this is occurring? And more importantly, any way to 
fix it?

Thank you,

Tim Bock
Synacktics, LLC

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