[Freeswitch-users] Random calls failing with WRONG_CALL_STATe when using TLS

Emrah lists at kavun.ch
Fri Jan 30 20:10:36 MSK 2015

Hi all,
I am facing a very frustrating issue. I often have to dial twice when using my Yealink phone with TLS because the first attempt times out.
The logs on the Yealink indicate that the first invite is successfully received, to which my FS sends a 100 trying and 407 proxy auth required. It is subsequently when my phone sends back the invite that the connection crashes with the following error:

Is this something common? Why does the SSL connection crashes when the phone attempts to send the second invite? My phone is behind NAT.

It is going to be a crazy expedition to collect the logs and Pastebin them, so I am tempting my luck on the list first to see if you have any pointers.

As a last piece, my Bria on my iPHone, among other clients, never had this issue. I did experience it from time to time with Blink on Mac OS X.

Any help appreciated.

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