[Freeswitch-users] weird beahivior when using outbound_proxy/fs_path

Nuno Reis nreis at wavecom.pt
Fri Jan 30 06:47:40 MSK 2015

Hello everyone.

I've been using outbound_proxy for a sometime now to make SIP go trough a
kamailio proxy server. When I put freeswitch under some stress and measure
response times, I start seeing a weird behavior. FS starts like "hanging"
after a fast sequence of INVITES usually after the first 5 INVITE sipke(not
that much right) and hangs for +/- 5 seconds before routing the call out to
kamailio. If i tell FS to route the call using fs_path there is no delay at

Another weird thing about this one is that I have some installs where
outbound_proxy works fine with max performance everytime and I'm always
using the same install binaries, the same OS the same versions of
everything (checked and double checked).
You could tell me to use fs_path if it solves the problem and I would say
you are right but the thing is fs_path doesn't behave exactly the same as
outbound_proxy does in every situation.

It's usually common to see the variable destination_number set with the IP
address of the proxy and some other annoying issues and above all
outbound_proxy works at the SIP profile level while fs_path doesn't which
force me to explicitly use it literally everywhere.

Any ideas on what could be causing this behavior. It looks like a timer of
some kind but I don't see nothing about such a timer anywhere.
Looking forward to hear from you.



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