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huseyin kalyoncu hkalyoncu at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 11:53:30 MSK 2015

i found the following statement on freeswitch wiki:

"*DTMF intercept w/ DTMF detection, removal and regeneration*
Detect DTMF using Goertzel and drop samples identified as containing DTMF
tones. Regenerate the detected DTMF tones on the opposite leg. *This AFAIK
is the only DTMF intercept mode supported by FreeSWITCH ATM.**"*

according to this can we convert outband(rfc2833) dtmf to inband dtmf?

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 3:26 PM, huseyin kalyoncu <hkalyoncu at gmail.com>

> hello
> first i want to thank the developers and contributors of this amazing
> product.
> we have been using freeswitch for almost 4 years without a major problem.
> i have a question regarding inband dtmf.
> we have receiving calls from telco using dtmf rfc2833.  most of outgoing
> calls also
> dtmf rfc2833. but we have a new outgoing profile which is behind a
> firewall. we did
> not make a successful call with transport UDP. so we set the transport to
> TCP and
> now we have successful calls but the only problem is with dtmf. when we
> set the dtmf to
> rfc2833 for this profile, we saw that dtmf packets do not arrive correctly
> to outgoing
> destination. when we dig up the problem we realized that there is always a
> time skew
> on dtmf packets. for this reason we tried to set dtmf inband for this
> particular outgoing
> profile. to accomplish this we used start_dtmf_generate just before the
> bridge action.
> but this time no dtmf package arrive at destination. is this dtmf
> conversion (from rfc2833
>  to inband) even possible?
> what should be the correct configuration to achieve this?
> thanks
> huseyin
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