[Freeswitch-users] callcenter mod rtmp cant receive calls...

jdayola at spingine.com jdayola at spingine.com
Mon Jan 26 06:10:42 MSK 2015


Im using mod callcenter. I have 3 agents on queue 600 and assigned them 
extensions 601,602 and 603. Everything was working fine when I tested it 
using xlite and zoiper. But on production we have our own softphone 
based on flash so we need to use rtmp. I already enabled rtmp but I 
don't receive calls on my extensions using rtmp. Like if I assign 601 
and 602 to xlite and zoiper and 603 on our flash client only 601 and 602 
can receive calls.  Do I need to make a new dial plan if I use RTMP? Im 
still new to voip and Im using fusionpbx as my freeswitch gui.

John D.

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