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Ahmed Habiba ahabiba at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 02:47:35 MSK 2015


kindly Im facing some issue with concurrent session limit, below is the status showing the maximum sessions of 355, however I set maximum sessions to 10000, you kind help to identify why freeswitch use lower limit than the configured one will be appreciated.

/etc/freeswitch# fs_cli -x "status"
UP 0 years, 0 days, 0 hours, 19 minutes, 2 seconds, 490 milliseconds, 264 microseconds
FreeSWITCH (Version 1.5.8b+git git 35f2bcc 2014-02-12 23:33:16Z 64bit) is ready
345 session(s) since startup
345 session(s) - peak 345, last 5min 345 
0 session(s) per Sec out of max 1000, peak 66, last 5min 0 
335 session(s) max
min idle cpu 0.00/62.00
Current Stack Size/Max 240K/8192K


    <param name="max-sessions" value="10000"/>
    <!--Most channels to create per second -->
    <param name="sessions-per-second" value="1000”/>

Thanks ,

Ahmed Habiba.
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