[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch on VPS

Zoltán Szabó zoell at zoell.us
Sun Jan 18 22:42:27 MSK 2015


Does anyone have experience running Freeswitch at OVH? I have a VPS Classic
1 but the audio was really bad there. It was faltered. (tested with
multiple clients from multiple locations) This is an OpenVZ virtualization
if this counts.

I tested it on an Alvotech VPS too, with more ram, like 2GB, CPU was also a
little bit more, and it was a vServer virtualization, it worked perfectly.

If you run your FS on a VPS without any problem, can you please recommend
me some providers who has servers in the EU? I don't expect high call
volume, just like 5-10 concurrent calls on 1-2 SIP trunks which is
basically nothing.

Many thanks,
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