[Freeswitch-users] mobile to mobile over 3g/4g

Bote Man bote_radio at botecomm.com
Sat Jan 17 17:27:42 MSK 2015

I have it on good authority that AT&T in the U.S. assigns public i.p. addresses to each device, but is subject to firewall rules whatever they might be. 


They offer "enterprise static i.p. service" that allows greater freedom, however. Sounds expensive and scary.


I agree with Steven Ayre: I would not depend on having necessary connectivity.





From: Assaf Dahary
Sent: Thursday, 15 January, 2015 11:47
Subject: Re: [Freeswitch-users] mobile to mobile over 3g/4g

It seems that some mobile operators allow internal direct connectivity and some just block it.

Direct connectivity will increase call quality and drop call latency.

I should start mapping mobile operators by trying first bypass media on internal calls and if fail then to cancel it and call via FS .

On Jan 15, 2015, at 18:32, Steven Ayre <steveayre at gmail.com> wrote:

I would expect that while it might work on some operators you won't be able to rely on it working for all mobile networks.


If your users aren't under your control and therefore aren't on networks you've had an opportunity to test this on then you'll probably see many calls with no audio.




On 15 January 2015 at 13:33, Assaf Dahary <adahary at gmail.com> wrote:


I'm currently using bypass_media to make two mobile call each directly (RTP bypass FS) over the same wifi network.

Once I detect that caller and callee are sharing the same WiFi network then I switch to bypass_media in dialplan (works well in big complex buildings). 

I would like also to use the same bypass_media mode when mobiles connect over 3g/4g data mobile network.

I fully understand that both mobiles should be connected to the same mobile operator and should share a common subnet routing (without NAT) for them to 'see' each other private IP addr.

Is it possible for two mobiles on the same mobile 3g/4g network to ping each other using their private IP addr? 

Should mobile operators allow this kind of direct peer connections (I couldn't ping internally with my Orange mobile operator)?

Did anyone successfully make a direct bypass_media call between two sip mobiles over 3g/4g network? 



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