[Freeswitch-users] how to break a synchron execute in ESL

kthofer karl-theo_hofer at inteli-sim.com
Sat Jan 17 00:51:33 MSK 2015

Hi there

we have a short voicemail set up
and we like to break the synchronise be a following asynchron execute,
so the the voicemail-owner is not forced to listen to the complete menu.

how can we do this?

bacs XAKK
$con->execute("playback", "$sound_base/Welcome to your Message 
Centre.wav", "$leg_uuid");
$con->execute("playback", "$sound_base/You_have_no_message.wav", 
$con->execute("playback", "$sound_base/To listen to your personal 
welcome greeting press 1 to save your personal greeting press 2 if you 
want to replace your current personal greeting press 3 if you like to 
delete.wav", "$leg_uuid");
$con->execute("break", "playback", $leg_uuid);

With best regards

Karl Theo Hofer

M: +46 7030 22178
E: karl-theo_hofer at inteli-sim.com

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