[Freeswitch-users] Cisco SPA + BLF behavior

Gabriel Kuri gkuri at ieee.org
Tue Jan 13 10:13:43 MSK 2015

I noticed that on a Cisco SPA500 series phone, when configured to do
BLF+SD+CP for an extension, the LED for that line on the SPA does not turn
red when the line goes off-hook on another phone. It turns RED when the
call is actually in progress (ie after the number has been dialed and it's
ringing). This behavior is different than when the same line is configured
as a shared line appearance on the SPA, the LED turns red immedialtely when
the line goes off hook on another phone. It appears FreeSWITCH is sending
the same SIP NOTIFY event in both cases with line showing seized
(appearance-index=1;appearance-state=seized), so I'm think this might be a
bug in the phone's firmware, which is running the latest version, 7.5.6a. I
did try a couple older version and had the same results. Am I missing
something or is this the behavior of this phone? Should I bother to open a
TAC case with Cisco, the behavior seems buggy to me?
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