[Freeswitch-users] Help required

Richard Adams Richard.Adams at stentofon.com.au
Mon Jan 5 04:19:06 MSK 2015

Trying the mailing list for the first time.  Being in Australia puts us out of step with timezones for the IRC.

3 issues;

                1.  No audio on calls when an external call is bridged to another external location.
                                We have a help desk number that we'd like to have dial an external call group after hours.  Calls are routed first to an internal extension, and then after a 20 second timer, to an external mobile phone number.  When the call is answered internally, everything is fine.  However, if the call diverts to the mobile phone, the call can be answered but there is no audio in either direction.  My SIP Trunk provider is blaming us for sending an internal IP address in the SDP of the invite, but the invite packet is the same for a normal outgoing call.

                2.  No autostart Freeswitch on system boot for Debian 7 and current build.
                                To attempt to correct #1, I rebuilt the server with a fresh Debian 7 installation and a Git based build and installation of FS, following the directions for setting the autostart.  However, the system does not autostart, and requires the FS to be booted manually after power up.

                3.  The auto Makefile did not work.  It kept failing on missing dependancies that should have been installed by the auto makefile.  I ended up running it manually.

If I can get some guidance please, and I'm happy to provide whatever logging is required.


Richard Adams
Technical Manager

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