[Freeswitch-users] Control of IPv6 vs. IPv4

George F. Phelps GeorgePhelps at gfphelps.com
Fri Jan 2 19:02:05 MSK 2015

My VoIP provider supports both IPv4 and IPV6 registrations.  I can only have
one registration active at a time.  Freeswitch is attempting both IPv4 and
IPv6 connections.  Randomly, sometimes a IPv4 connection is the first (only)
registration established; other times it is the IPv6 connection.


How to I configure Freeswitch to deterministically only attempt one type (my
choice of either IPv4 or IPv6) of connection?


freeswitch at ip-172-31-33-109.ec2.internal> sofia status


                     Name          Type
Data      State


            external-ipv6       profile
sip:mod_sofia@[::1]:5080      RUNNING (0)

external-ipv6::switch2voip.us   gateway

                 external       profile
sip:mod_sofia at      RUNNING (0)

external::switch2voip.us       gateway
sip:XXXXXXXXXX at      TRYING (retry: 20s)

internal      ALIASED

            internal-ipv6       profile
sip:mod_sofia@[::1]:5060      RUNNING (0)

                 internal       profile
sip:mod_sofia at      RUNNING (0)


4 profiles 1 alias


freeswitch at ip-172-31-33-109.ec2.internal>






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