[Freeswitch-users] multi-tenant registration for Cisco spa 112

Robert Oldham robert at oldhamtechnology.com
Fri Jan 2 10:11:55 MSK 2015

I am registering to the FQDN of the domain.

There is a NAT involved. The PBX is not behind NAT. The phones are behind NAT on separate network.

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On January 1, 2015 7:41:45 PM MST, Moishe Grunstein <max at nysolutions.com> wrote:
>Are you registering to the FQDN of the domain?
>Is there any NAT involved? PBX behind NAT? phones behind NAT?
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>I am a freeswitch noob, so please forgive me if my questions are not
>coherent with proper concepts. I have made an earnest attempt to find
>clues to my problem on the wiki and elsewhere, but suspect I am asking
>the wrong questions.
>I cannot get a Cisco spa 112 to register properly.
>I am trying to put together a proof of concept multi-tenant freeswitch
>server. After reading the book FreeSWITCH 1.2 by Anthony Minessale, I
>used the FusionPBX install script to get freeswitch 1.4.14 built on a
>fresh Ubuntu 12.04 install. I configured a domain name to point to the
>new server. On the server I added the domain in the directory and 3
>users/extensions along with several sip gateways. The gateways work.
>One of the extensions has a Grandstream GXP2160 registered
>successfully, another has a Zoiper soft phone registered successfully.
>I have tried to configure and get a Cisco SPA 112 to register on the
>3rd extension. However, it is failing to register. I have watched the
>sip trace and packet capture. Both show the same thing: the Cisco SPA
>sends a sip register request to which sofia responds with a 401
>"unauthorized". Then, instead of sending a sip register with an
>authorization digest as the other phones do, the Cisco spa 112, sends
>another generic sip register request, which elicits another 401
>"unauthorized" from sofia. This repeats a few times, and then the spa
>112 gives up, waits 40 seconds and then does it all over again.
>I have had this device registered with an asterisk server without
>trouble. I have reset the device to factory defaults and updated the
>firmware, all without any change.
>The domain name is fairly long. Don't know if that might be a factor.
>Any clues where I might look next or tests I might try for more
>Thank you,
>Robert Oldham
>Oldham Technology
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