[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch error - Progress Time out Duration 5 sec.

Charles Bujold cjbujold at accra.ca
Mon Sep 22 18:16:58 MSD 2014



We are running Freeswitch 1.4.8 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and encountering with
some very specific telephone numbers (currently 2 telephone numbers) a
disconnect when trying to call them or them calling us.  (99%) of the calls
work flawlessly). 


The symptom is that when we call the number it connects and the call is
immediately dropped before we hear the first ring.  From their side when
they call us we see Freeswitch accept the call go through the process and
before it starts ringing we see the error:   Progress time out duration 5


I presume it is due to some delay in establishing the call final routing but
how can I tell Freeswitch to add a few more seconds before giving up?  Or is
it some other issue?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.





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