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aademattia@comcast.net aademattia at comcast.net
Wed Sep 17 05:42:07 MSD 2014

I am calling from my program direct to a Cisco router to Verizon t1. Other sdk work fine.

I have tired this on other networks as well and same end result 

I am at a loss. If audio stops then dtmf event and beep avmd also stops working.
It's like audio must be sent from FS to work. I can send a sample program.

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If you take a packet capture do you find that the far end does not send audio to you until you send audio to them? You might need to play 1000ms of "silence" to them (or something like that) to give the audio stream the proverbial kick-start.


On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 3:43 PM, Andrew <aademattia at comcast.net> wrote:
Hi,I have a few questions. I found if I make a call and the call connects that DTMF and avmd does not work unless I play an audio file.Here are a few settings I am using.           session.Execute("start_dtmf_generate", "true");           session.Execute("set", "sleep_eat_digits=true");           session.Execute("set", "suppress-cng=false");I also found that sometimes when I play an audio file and if I am not talking that even the audio file will not play.  If I talk the audio continues to play.  Not sure if this is a bug or a settings. I also see that log AVMD using fs_cli.exe get output to the screen only when audio file is playing or me talking. (odd). What I want to do is make a call and hold for DTMF and or beep (AVMD) without having to play audio. 


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