[Freeswitch-users] to CentOS or not to CentOS that is the question!

dotnetdub dotnetdub at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 22:19:32 MSD 2014

Good Day FSers.

We recently purchased some a108D cards from Sangoma and went about
building some freeswitch servers...

We were testing one of these boxes with SIP traffic, there were about
150 calls or so when freeswitch segfaulted in ftmod_wanpipe.so - there
was absolutely no TDM traffic at this time.

I pinged a mail to sangoma along with diagnostic logs etc and they
told me that Debian wheezy (the os running) wasn't supported and I
must use CentOS 6.x as the kernel in debian is too bleeding edge. I
did protest but that is the story. I've never had any issues with
debian and freeswitch over the years and this is the first time I've
every heard anyone refer to a debian stable release as too new :)

So off I go to move these boxes to CentOS but I seem to be noticing on
mailing lists/ jira / generally in the community that CentOS 6 and
freeswitch isn't recommended by freeswitch as there are performance
issues and stability issues possibly..

>From Jira even a moment ago:

'Though we no longer support 1.2 or centos6 I had a look to see if
there was anything obvious.'

What is the best way to proceed if I need to use wanpipe with sangoma
and freeswitch?


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