[Freeswitch-users] freeswitch SBC, User registration and bridging calls

mbo mbodbg at gmx.net
Tue Sep 16 15:59:07 MSD 2014

We have 2 freeswitches, one is configured as SBC and one as communication server behind.

We have the following setup. 
* Sip Users are registered on the SBC. 
* Gateways connected to carriers are also connected to the SBC
* On the SBC we use xml dialplan, on the other freeswitch we use mod_event_socket, the dialplan is served by an external process. 

Now, the following scenario:

1. An inbound call is received from the gateway on SBC and bridged to the second freeswitch
2. The second freeswitch is executing the dialplan via mod_event_socket: 1. Play an announcement and then 2. Bridge to the registered softphone

The issue. The softphone is registered on the SBC, so a bridge to the user who is registered with the softphone is not possible. Even if I share the registration database, the second freeswitch does not show the user registered.
Is there a way to get this setup to work ?
Is this Setup in general a good idea, or is it better to create a separate profile on the second freeswitch - then the bridge is possible. But then the second freeswitch is also connected to the internet …?



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